This tool is the result of a project between the Tolowa Dee-Ni' Nation and Ecotrust to migrate an existing marine traditional ethnographic knowledge into a more user-friendly, spatially enabled web application. It is hoped that this tool will help tribes to retain and organize their traditional knowledge and have a new way to share it with future generations.


This tool was built using Open Source software. The code is readily available on Ecotrust's Github Page. It is a Django application on top of a PostgreSQL database spatially enabled with PostGIS. Documentation, including notes on how to install your own instance can be found here.


This project was built with sharing in mind, without abandoning privacy. As mentioned, the tool itself is all built with Open Source code so that anyone may download it, install it, or customize it free of charge, and with as few barriers as possible. In the meantime, the data to be kept in the tool is recognized to be confidential and private - only to be shared with explicit permission by the owners.

Keeping this in mind, the tool can be (and already is) installed on a tribe's private, internal servers so that only members have access to the data. Recognizing that nothing online is 100% safe, the data in this tool should be at least as safe as the other sensative files on your network.


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